Helping to Hold Families Together - Company Message
2010: Tender to Thurrock Borough Council successful in securing a Framework Contract Agreement. Base established at Culver Centre in South Ockendon. Salaried project Co-ordinator appointed in Thurrock for the first time. Base also established in Maldon.
2011:Thurrock Framework Contract monies withdrawn due to cuts from central government. Website enhanced and upgraded. Award obtained from Thames Gateway Development Corporation to finance continuation of work in Thurrock. Base established at Chetwood Children's Centre in South Woodham.
2012: Our webmaster emigrated to the States, leaving the committee with difficulties accessing and updating the website. Local Priority Fund Contract extended. Base established at Target Centre in Tilbury.
2013; Our application to Essex County Council's Family Innovation Fund successful in South-East, South-West and Mid-Essex. Launch of new Family Mediation project across most of Essex. Salaried Project Co-ordinators appointed in all areas. Vistaprint website designed.

2014: Funding withdrawn again.

2015: Funding applications to both Essex County Council and Thurrock C.V.S. unsuccessful.  
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