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Support Services March 2020

Parents’ Aidis still in action supporting families despite the current pandemic, seeking creative ways to deliver services whilst home visits are not advisable and our locality surgeries at risk of closure due to restrictions on use of the venues. It may, for example, be possible for us to deliver mediation remotely using an app such as Lifesize.  We still welcome referrals and would like to encourage families to ring in at any time if they think we may be able to help.

 We have been asked by a partner agency to circulate the following notice:-

Time Out For Parents at the Megacentre

Jan and Julie will be offering this course in the summer term - it provides an opportunity for parents to support and encourage each other, share feelings and experiences, and come up with solutions to problems on the basis of what works – not what’s meant to work! The seven sessions are written by parents and professionals with input from many different families with experience of children with special needs. They aim to help support parents in meeting their child’s needs, focussing on children aged between 3 to 11 years with a disability or special needs, particularly those who have learning, developmental and behavioural issues.

Basildon's Happy Hub

Take a look at this local resource:-

- Well worth a visit!

Hathaway Academy Funday - Oasis Open Door

Catch us supporting this event on Friday 29th July, run by a partner organisation.

BTW, we are FINALLY on the countdown to publication of our updated Information booklet, which will be uploaded onto our website very shortly!

Parents' Aid Supporting ARU's SUCI Group

Parents' Aid is a member of Anglia Ruskin University's Service User and Carer Involvement (SUCI) Group. We have supported this resource from its foundation for its invaluable work, enabling service users to contribute to the training of future social workers. In the past, both our staff and some of our users have been guest speakers at lectures directly relevant to our organisation's activities.

Chelmsford County Court Personal Support Unit

This new service may prove invaluable for those obliged to represent themselves in Court:-

Chelmsford County Court Personal Support Unit

"Our trained volunteers help people who are facing civil court proceedings without legal representation. PSU assistance is free and independent."

For the West Essex families we can't reach.......

Family Therapy at West Essex Mind

Each family is unique and has its own strengths and difficulties. Talking about these can be hard at first, so we do all we can to make everyone comfortable and ensure that no one is blamed or made to feel bad.  We welcome any member of the family, Mum, Dad, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts. Sometimes we’ve had 8 family members in a room with two therapists. Our aim is to help families live together more happily. To find out more please visit our website.

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