Helping to Hold Families Together - Company Message
Parents' Aid offers:
When parents meet with professionals to discuss their personal situation, they may feel intimidated, powerless and find the whole experience distressing. As a result parents sometimes find that they are unable to voice their views. Knowing that someone is on your side whilst attending these meetings can help you to express yourself coherently and create a better understanding. Parents' Aid provides trained volunteers who will attend meetings with you, be a second pair of ears when you may be unable to take in all that is said, or speak on your behalf if you feel that you are unable.
Parents' Aid are able to offer personal therapy with an accredited counsellor, who will listen to your problems in confidence and where possible help you to deal with your feelings and find practical solutions. Sometimes just sharing your burden with someone else is enough to make you feel stronger.
Anger and Aggression Management
This is a program that can be delivered one-to-one or in a group. It is designed to help you understand and deal positively with your anger, which may currently be causing problems in your life.
Parenting Skills
This course teaches basic parenting techniques to resolve domestic conflict situations and empower parents to take authority without repressing their children’s self-expression and enhance relationship.
Family Mediation
We have trained volunteers who are able to carry out mediation between family members, between parents and between parents and children where a difference of opinion cannot be solved amicably. We provide a neutral environment, give both parties the opportunity to put their side forward and then look for solutions or compromises that both find acceptable. The mediator will be impartial and non-judgmental, his/her only objective to facilitate a workable arrangement so that both parties come away with a better deal.
- This service was funded by Essex County Council's Family Innovation Fund 1, 2013-14.

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