Helping to Hold Families Together - Company Message
Our Mission Statement - May 2013
Our vision:
 A society in which all families are valued and treated equally and fairly.
Our mission:
Parents' Aid (Southern Essex) is a charity that works locally, for and with parents and families at risk of social exclusion, to improve the quality of their lives. We achieve change by championing their voices and providing support services to meet their needs.
Our values:
We value the diversity of family life.
We seek to be trustworthy. We can be relied on to deliver confidential, relevant and effective services that are evidence-based and free to families. Parents and their families can rely on us for support.
We seek to be resourceful. We work practically, flexibly and creatively to improve the lives of parents and children.
We seek to be enabling. We wish to provide parents with the knowledge, skills and the confidence they need to lead the lives they want.
Our Quality Commitment - May 2013 
We aim to:
Provide anyone bringing up children with a fast and accurate signposting service.
Work tirelessly to provide specialist and objective information to parents and families in crisis, to design and deliver services to a professional standard and to advance policy research and development.
Positively represent parents and their children.
Be an organisation which is prepared to be innovative and to take considered risks. 
Test and demonstrate new ways of working which provide models for mainstream services and inform the policy debate.
Engage strategically with partners from both the voluntary and statutory sectors to develop solutions to meet the needs of parents and families and to ensure that our services are complementary to theirs.
Treat all clients with respect and courtesy to provide a non-judgmental, quality service.
Protect the confidentiality of our clients, supporters and partners.
Consistently review our services and monitor our performance to ensure that we are meeting clients’ needs.
Strive to be a learning organisation which supports staff and volunteers to enable them to maximise their contribution to the achievement of the charity’s objectives.
Be accountable to our clients, our funders, our members, and the public.
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